Green Initiative

Aviv REIT's commitment to the environment extends beyond the energy efficient facilities in its portfolio. In recent years Aviv has launched a partnership with leading energy management and forecasting company, Grid Navigator, to more efficiently control energy usage and optimize consumption.


The cloud-based GridNavigator EMS is a combination of a smart network of lighting and HVAC control systems connecting multiple energy endpoints across different facilities. The data from the endpoints is communicated back to the remote GridNavigator data center and intraday energy forecast engine for continuous remote monitoring, controlling and optimizing. Onsite facility managers can also use a smartphone app or kiosk tablet to directly control individual energy endpoint such as an air conditioning compressor or lights in specific locations. GridNavigator uses the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to benchmark Aviv facilities, an initial step in the ENERGY STAR certification process. GridNavigator provides a turn-key solution that combines lighting and HVAC controls with an industry- first intraday energy forecasting engine to enable real-time, remote management of energy endpoints. The company is focused on mid-market customers with distributed facilities across campuses or regions. GridNavigator is a value-added reseller (VAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner of Echelon Corporation, an energy control networking company with the world's most widely deployed proven, open standard, multi-application platform, LonWorks.