Capital Programs

Aviv's goal is to provide capital through investments that meet the specific needs of its operators. Aviv focuses on entering into long-term, triple-net leases with operators. Our lease terms are designed to align interests with operators, which has resulted in highly successful long-term relationships and repeat business with operators. Aviv provides capital in the following ways:

Acquisition and Lease
Aviv purchases a single property or portfolio of properties and enters into a long-term, triple-net lease with an existing or new operator. We provide the required acquisition financing and will work closely with the operator throughout the underwriting and due diligence process. Aviv will often identify follow on capital expenditure or investment opportunities for the targeted property and will commit the required capital to finance those projects.

Sale Leaseback
Aviv purchases a single property or portfolio of properties from an existing or new operator and leases the facilities back to the operator through a long-term, triple-net lease. These transactions enable operators to monetize their equity in order to expand their businesses, while maintaining control over their facilities.

Aviv has developed a programmatic approach to reinvesting in its properties. Aviv and its operators work jointly to identify strategic repositioning and renovation projects on properties throughout our portfolio. These projects include interior enhancements such as therapy gyms and specialty care units, and exterior enhancements such as lighting, signage and architectural features. We work closely with our operators throughout these projects and provide support and assistance in site selection and planning, permitting, budgeting and design, and construction. These projects underscore the commitment to maximizing the success and competitive positioning of our operators' properties.